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S. J. Services is the number one cleaner of educational facilities in New England.

While school budgets are shrinking, S. J. Services is working with administrators to reduce janitorial costs. Our services allow schools to consolidate their facility maintenance and janitorial needs and outsource the cost and responsibility for benefits, equipment purchasing and overall staff management.

The health and safety of students are of the utmost importance. This is why we have some of the strictest hiring and training practices in the industry: every S. J. Services’ employee undergoes a comprehensive CORI/SORI background check, and receives ongoing safety training on proper use, storage and maintenance of all equipment used at your school. Our staff is also able to communicate in English to ensure all of your expectations are clearly understood, and your students and staff can communicate with every member of their daily community.

Whether you’re a small elementary school or an established university, S. J. Services will provide you with the most reliable, highest-quality cleaning and maintenance services at the most competitive pricing schedules in the industry.