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Green Cleaning

Green CleaningS. J. Services Inc. has a very strong commitment to Green Cleaning and to eliminating “cross-contamination” because we recognize the benefits it provides to the students, faculty, administrators and the building environment and greater environment.

Our standard program includes Green Seal Certified cleaning products and equipment that are environmentally sensitive and prevent cross contamination as a result of janitorial procedures. Research shows occupants of buildings with environmentally sensitive cleaning programs, which help to improve Indoor Air Quality, are more productive and health related issues are decreased in the long run.

  • Green Seal certified cleaning products
  • Automatic Dispensing Control Units to provide proper chemical dilution and improved inventory control
  • Continued staff training and education in the proper use and application of equipment and cleaning solutions.
  • Color-coded wet mop system so, for example, mops that are used in restrooms are not used in other parts of the schools.
  • Participate in all school recycling programs.
  • Make evaluations and recommendations for use of recycled paper products.