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Security Procedures

  1. S. J. Services (SJS) shall learn and follow security policies and procedures specified by the client. We shall incorporate these procedures into our Employee Training Program.
  1. The same SJS cleaners and Supervisors shall be assigned to the same facility each day.
  1. Substitute cleaners shall be pre-trained, uniformed and the client shall be notified of any absences by regularly assigned SJS staff.
  1. All SJS cleaners and supervisors shall be background checked, uniformed and have a photo identification badge.
  1. SJS cleaner shall follow the same schedule each day and the client staff shall be notified of this schedule.
  1. SJS employees shall implement a system that will inform the client whenever an SJS employee arrives or leaves a building.
  1. SJS staff shall notify staff of any activity in a facility that is seems suspicious or out of the ordinary.