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Welcome to S.J. Services - Star Janitorial Services. Each of our clients has specific needs for their facility and we listen to your needs and create a facilities maintenance program tailored to your specifications.

For more than 35 years, S. J. Services has provided expert janitorial services, office cleaning, building maintenance services and green cleaning services to clients across New England. We create tailored, cost-effective cleaning and maintenance solutions for corporate, technology, biotech, transportation, healthcare and education facilities.

Integrated Facilities Services

S. J. Services' integrated facilities management and janitorial services offer you the flexibility of a custom program, tailored to meet your specific needs.

Whether you require basic daily janitorial services, or a more comprehensive facility maintenance program including mail management, landscaping and shuttle bus transportation, we will work with you to create a program that meets all your needs.

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About S.J. Services

As one of the largest facility management companies in New England, S.J. Services gives our clients the confidence that their facilities consistently look and operate at their best.

We employ more than 1,000 cleaning and maintenance professionals to quickly respond to all your building needs and to manage every detail of your facility management program.

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Our Customers

Each of our clients has very specific needs for their facility. Whether you are a landlord looking to retain or recruit tenants, a building owner with important clients to impress, a technology company with crucial sensitive equipment, or a school principal focused on the health and well being of hundreds of children, we listen to your needs and then create a facilities maintenance program specifically tailored for you.

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Green Cleaning

Green cleaning products and methods can help create a healthy, environmentally-friendly facility for your tenants, staff and visitors. Studies have shown that healthy indoor air quality can also help improve productivity and reduce sick days.

S. J. Services can work with you to create a green program that is right for your facility. We are continuously researching and testing advanced new technologies and green practices that improve the services we provide.

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Reliable 24-hour communications, electronic reporting and quality controls, ever-evolving efficiencies and cost-control opportunities - all of this results from S. J. Services commitment to using the most advanced technology in our industry.

We carefully research and test every new opportunity to provide better, faster, more consistent service for you, and only implement a new tool if it provides a real benefit to our clients.

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